2. Gaming consoles, like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, allows for many conversations with players across the globe, but users have full control over through the settings to block such conversations.

3. You can help them select “Privacy & Online Safety.”  or show them how to do and why they need to stay protected online.

4. Parents can as well use custom parental controls that allow them to only talk to well-known friends and not strangers.

5. Parents can cut down on the hours and duration their kids used on playing online games. For example,  Nintendo Switch has an app that allows you to control the console from your mobile.

6. Gaming systems are culprits when it comes to collecting user data and information, they want to know what games is your child’s favorite and likely conversations they may be having, parents can use the privacy settings to avoid collecting more than expected. Some games collect personal information which enables them to match with perfect opponents online, that can be a big threat to your child’s security if you don’t take proper caution.

Tell them, INTERNET AND TRUST ARE TWO THINGS THAT DONT USUALLY GO TOGETHER there are wolves that seem as lambs, to avoid the unnecessary, better block them NOW!

What Are The Dangers Of Online Gaming With Strangers
Source: Reddit

The Tech Giant Google is planning to train your Kid about the Good and the bad of the Internet?