How to Convert Airtime to Cash on All Networks

    How To Convert Airtime To Cash

    If you are looking for all possible means to convert some airtime to cash. You landed on the right guide. This guide will give you an oversight of instances you may badly want to convert some airtime on your Glo, MTN, 9Mobile, and Airtel lines to cash in your bank account.

    We will be listing some instances you’d want to do that and possible providers and methods you can use to liquidate that excess airtime from the four major networks to cash in your NUBAN account.

    Let’s get to it!

    Why convert Airtime to Cash?

    There are several reasons you’d like to convert airtime to cash as I hinted earlier. For example, let’s say you intend to top up your mobile with airtime from a mobile banking app and you mistakenly credited the wrong amount.

    Probably, you want just NGN2000 worth of airtime or credit recharge in your mobile, but then in the process of keying the figure you mistakenly typed in 20,000, and here comes the issue, and now you need a way to transfer back that excess airtime to cash since you’ll not be needing that much airtime at the moment.

    In another instance, let’s say you got some airtime as free gift from friends, family, relatives, and well-wishers, and you feel like converting to cash to meet urgent needs, then you need to find a way to get your MTN airtime converted to cash in your bank account.

    There are several methods you can go about this to get this done, for example, you can use the aim to get service that allows you to convert your time to cash, you can also use the service of, these and other methods will be considered below.

    Convert MTN Airtime to Cash with MTN Share & Sell

    There are different methods you can go about converting your MTN airtime to money, there is airtime to cash apps, airtime flip services, and recharge card conversion to money platforms.

    Your best bet to convert your MTN airtime to cash is using the MTN Share and Sell service.  Migrate to MTN share and sell plan which is MTN Beta Talk.

    Migration is simple,  all you had to do is text BT to 131 using your MTN SIM or dial 1232*1# to migrate to MTN Beta Talk tariff. Please note that you can only migrate freely once per month 30, any other subsequent migration same month is charged at N100. You should also change your MTN share and sell PIN from the default 000 to what’s more secure.

    Now that you have migrated to Beta talk and changed your PIN you can transfer your MTN airtime to another MTN user who is willing to trade for cash.

    Steps to Convert Airtime to cash for all Networks (Glo, Airtel, MTN, Airtel)

    Here are other Methods, Services, and Steps to convert Airtime to cash. There are a growing number of services in Nigeria that provides this type of service, and it is not limited to just MTN, you can covert airtime from all the major telecommunication networks to cash.


    Zoranga is an Initiative of Zoranga Interactive; a PH-based online service designed to help Nigerians convert their excess airtime across all four major telecom providers to cash. The service prides itself to have converted millions of airtime to cash from inception using their ‘meticulously’ designed API infrastructure. The system is designed for both personal and business users who might want to receive payment with Airtime from their customers or people who want to make payment with cash.

    Basically, with Zoranga, your customers can pay you as a company or business entity with airtime instead of cash. It will also interest you to know that you are allowed to send money from your Zoranga account to any NUBAN bank account absolutely free of cost, no extra charges on your side.  Their payout is fast, it is business and also pocket-friendly.

    If you have any further concerns or you like to make some sort of clarification about Zoranga services you can use the contact details below to get in touch with the company.

    Zoranga Charges

    Zoranga charges from 22% to 32% on all deposits made. Your charge calculation is based on a number of factors such as the transaction volume, how often you use the platform, and the type of account your hold.

    Here are the simple steps to convert airtime to cash using Zoranga.

    • Visit the Zoranga website using this link
    • Create an account if it’s your first time, or log in if you already had an account
    • Navigate to the deposit option, there are two options, which are Deposit with MTN Share and Sale and Deposit with 9mobile transfer, kindly select the MTN Share and Sell if you are an MTN user or if you use other networks, choose your network provider as appropriate
    • Transfer the airtime from your phone to the mobile number displayed on your view
    • After a successful conversion, you can transfer your cash value to your account by keying in the amount you’d like to receive in your bank account and you get receive a credit alert within 5 minutes.

    Zoranga Whatsapp: 08067238359
    Hotline: 2348067238359

    Convert airtime to cash with

    Another online service in Nigeria that’s into the business of helping Nigerians converting their airtime to cash is Airtime Flip. Be it airtime or recharge vouchers or pins they’ll help you convert your excess Airtime to cash.

    However, before you proceed to use the service here is their charges.

    Airtimeflip Charges

    The company charges 25% for MTN airtime conversion, which means that if you convert #1000 on the platform you’d get #750 into your bank account, which they claim to be the cheapest offering at the rate nationwide.

    Airtel is charged at 20% and 9mobile and Glo airtime converted st 30%.

    For bank transfer charges, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile are free while bank transfer for MTN cost #100 on the platform. They promise to credit your bank account in 5 to 10 minutes of converting your airtime to cash.

    . Enjoy!

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