What’s the Code to Hide Number on Airtel?

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    If you are also looking for the code to hide number on Airtel SIM, you’ve landed on the right page. I will be showing you easy steps you can deploy to quickly hide your Airtel phone number when making outgoing calls.

    This is a network-side functionality, I want to assume you know that there is a function already on your phone that allows you to hide your Phone number when you are making outgoing calls.

    Whats the Code to Hide Number on Airtel

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    The simple reason I wouldn’t suggest you use the phone features is that you may forget to put the hide number feature OFF after making that particular call, then you may appear anonymous to all other persons. People generally see those who hide their phone numbers as scammers and bad people and you don’t want to be painted alike.

    So, with the Airtel Hide number feature, it’s a one time function you can initiate for each call process, it works by the use of USSD Code, In the next few lines below, I will show you how to properly go about it.

    usually when you receive an incoming call your mobile phone displays the name of the caller if you already had them on your contact list, if not you see the phone number of the caller, whether they are calling from Glo, MTN, Airtel or Etisalat/9mobile.

    You can then decide to have a conversation with the caller or maintain your privacy, in a situation you decided to keep your privacy, the call is ushered to your Voicemail by the Network provider, which then makes it possible for you to listen to the pre-recorded voices when you later want to.

    But you and I know that Voicemail is not so big deal for telecom users in Nigeria, the caller would rather prefer to call back and have a conversation rather than speak to an answering machine, well! let’s leave that for another day.

    Code to Hide Airtel Number for Outgoing Calls

    Now if you’re the one initiating a call from your Airtel line, in an outgoing call and you don’t want the receiver of the call to see your mobile number, it is possible to prevent this, you can hide your number when you call other people by dialing the Airtel Dedicated USSD code for Number hide which is #31#recepient’s number.

    For an example, if you are calling 080114900421, you just have to dial #31#08011490042, on your Airtel line and you immediately go anonymous, this step is very legal and mind you that your Network providers may have a copy of your call conversations, so be sane in your dealings.

    That’s the code to hide your Airtel phone number when calling other people if you find this somewhat interesting do not hesitate to share with friends in your circle.

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