How to Perform CitiBank cardless Withdrawal

    Citibank Nigeria

    Citibank is also one of the banks that encourages Cardless withdrawal and is the only bank that performs her cardless withdrawal online through her Mobile App.

    Citibank is an international banking institution based in the US and established a branch in Nigeria in 1984.

    With this new innovation from the board of directors of Citibank, it helps solves the stress of going to a third party personal at the bank or queuing for hours before you get your money, it also solves the problem of Atm rejection or the Atm swallowing your card, now your cash is just a fingertip away from you.


    1. A Smartphone with Internet connectivity.

    2, The Citibank Mobile App.

    Steps to Citibank cardless withdrawal

    1. Download the mobile app
      In case you don’t know how to download the mobile app, follow this simple procedure.

    a) Go to Google play store

    b) search for Citibank Mobile App

    c) download and install
    Note: charges fee would Apply.

    d) sign up by providing your mobile number, email address assigned to your account with the bank and then you would be asked to provide a strong password.

    1. Through the mobile App ask for permission to perform a Cardless Withdrawal.

    2. Instantly a one time pin (OTP) would be sent to the mobile number you registered with when opening an account with the bank.

    3. go to any Citibank ATM machine
      Note: it has to be a Citibank Atm machine since they are the only banking institution that performs Cardless withdrawal from their Mobile App

    4. Type in the OTP and then type in the amount of cash you want to withdraw.

    5. Another OTP would be sent to you with which you would input in other to get your cash.

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