How to Check UBA Account Balance: USSD Code & Mobile banking

    Uba Bank

    It has never been any easier to make cash transfer conveniently until the advent of mobile banking USSD code and internet banking. pSome years back, banks need many staff to process paychecks and withdrawal slips.

    Technology’s invention of ATM rendered money transfer a lot easier using electronic means, however, the comfort you have is still limited as you are required to leave whatever it is you are doing and head for the ATM to transfer funds and also check your account balance after the transfer.

    UBA and other banks have since introduced USSD codes which you can use to initiate a number of the transaction without giving up your comfort, UBA magic banking offers her customers the opportunity to make transfers and check account balance from their mobile phone without having to go to ATM.

    UBA customers are allowed to make inter-bank cash transfers using the same USSD code outlet. In fact, from the convenience of your couch, you can transfer funds from your computer (Smartphone, Desktop, tablet) to other banks.

    I will show you two methods to check your UBA account balance real quick.

    • You can use USSD code for UBA magic banking
    • Check UBA account balance VIA your UBA mobile banking app

    Read to see how it’s done…

    USSD code method

    To get your account balance from your mobile the USSD code to dial is * 919 # and then follow the onscreen instructions to get your balance displayed to you. It will require your PIN and other security details for verification’s sake.

    Also, be sure that the mobile phone number is the one that was used/or submitted in your UBA account.

    Mobile Banking App

    To be able to do this you need to make sure that your mobile banking is already activated for you in the bank, they will require that you have the official UBA mobile banking app installed on your mobile phone and get you set up to perform to start performing different banking operations right from your mobile device, you will need access to an internet connection on your mobile to be able to use the mobile banking app.

    Now, you need to open up the app and login to your personal area and you will be able to see your UBA account balance. The app is built safely and securely for use of customers.

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