How to check Heritage Bank account balance using USSD code

    Heritage Bank

    See how you how to check your Heritage Bank account balance on any mobile phone even without an internet connection through Heritage Bank mobile banking USSD Code. Checking your Heritage Bank account balance is just a few presses away.

    In this guide, I will show you how you can check your Heritage Bank account on a CDMA cell phone without an internet connection.

    **Please mind that you may be debited for this service by your mobile service provider.

    To check your Heritage Bank account using USSD code, you will need to have your registered mobile number. (No need to reregister).

    You can do more than just check balance, you can use Heritage Bank SMS Banking using USSD code to also check your bank account balance, request for a checkbook, get One-time password (OTP), check Reward Points, do cash transfer, pay utility bills and lots more.

    Why use the Heritage Bank USSD Code banking service

    Some few reasons to use the Heritage Bank USSD Code banking service is;

    • Enable you to make a request for your banking information on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere
    • You don’t need to register separately for the service
    • It is easy to Use.
    • Internet connection is not required

    The Heritage Bank service is available to All Heritage Bank customers nationwide.

    Check Heritage Bank Account Balance Using USSD Code

    Power on your phone,

    Make sure it is containing the mobile number you used in opening your Heritage Bank account.

    Be sure it is connected to Signal from your service provider

    Dial * 322#, on the registered mobile phone number you used in opening your Heritage Bank account and follow onscreen instruction promptly.

    We hope you are able to check your Heritage Bank account Balance Using USSD on mobile. If you encounter any issues whatsoever, be sure to use the comment section so we can suggest help.

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