How to borrow credit or data on Glo Ghana

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    Have you ever found your mobile phone rather helpless when you try to make call, send message or browse the internet with your Glo SIM card only to realise that your airtime has been exhausted?

    Well, it is not a crime having nothing on your Glo account balance; that’s more of a reason why Glo Ghana introduced this life-saving tactic of borrowing credit or data whenever situation compels you to do so.

    Steps to borrow airtime or data from Glo Ghana

    Glo Ghana is without doubt one of the most fastest and trusted internet service providers with affordable call rate, internet speed as well as incredible data packages.

    Not limited to that, there is still Glo “borrow me credit” campaign that allows Glo active users to get airtime loans anytime anywhere they are out of it.

    As fascinating as this service is, before you can be allowed to borrow credit or data from Glo, you must be using a registered Glo Sim card and that SIM card must be active for at least three months.

    The following are, however, the step by step instructions on how to request for credit or data loan from Glo in Ghana.

    Step #1: Dial *5321#

    To begin with, you have to open your mobile phone dialer and press the above USSD code to gain access to Glo menu.

    Step #2: Choose option 1 ‘ borrow me credit’

    Having dialed the code, you’ll see a pop up menu on your phone screen, all you have to do is to select option 1 with “borrow me credit” inscription.

    Step #3: Select your desired amount

    Once you clicked on option 1 that read ‘borrow me credit’, you’ll be taken to another menu where you are required to the amount to borrow.

    Step #4: Confirm your chosen amount.

    The moment you select the amount of credit you preferred to borrow from Glo, an option will pop up where you’ll be asked to confirm the said amount.

    Carefully check the amount and if it’s correct, kindly press confirm and a message will be sent to you shortly telling you that the transaction has been successful.

    Lastly, it’s important to note that Glo Ghana will receive 15% from the borrowed airtime has their own commission and the loan can be repaid in full or in a bit depending on the amount you recharge on your subsequent top-up.

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