How to borrow airtime or data from Vodafone Ghana

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    One thing that can’t be taken away from Vodafone in the telecommunication industry right now is that it’s regarded as one of the big guns in the realm anywhere in the world. Equally, they are on top of their game in Ghana, too.
    They have a very cool call charge, fast internet speed and still, always ready to get their users out of the unappealing situation of low credit and exhausted data bundle.

    So if you run out of airtime or data on your Vodafone Ghana SIM card, you might want to consider the following options to borrow credit until your next top-up.

    Borrow Airtime on Vodafone Using SOS Credit

    In an attempt to make life — even more — easier for their users, Vodafone Ghana introduced an option known as the SOS Credit. This bundle allows any active users in need to borrow credit whenever they having less than 1 cedi on their balance.
    To borrow credit from Vodafone, abide by the following instructions:

    Step #1: Dial *505#

    Kindly open your phone dialer, press *505# and then, press send. You’ll see some menus displayed on your smartphone screen and do move to the next step.

    Step #2: Select your preferred amount

    Having dialled the above USSD code, you’ll see a pop up menu listing the available loans you’re qualified for. Simply pick the amount you so desired.

    Step #3: Press 1 to confirm

    Once you choose your preferred amount, another box will pop up asking you to confirm the chosen amount to be borrowed. Once you’re satisfied with what you selected, kindly press 1 to confirm.
    Once you confirm the amount, you’ll receive a message shortly confirming your concluded transaction.

    How to Borrow Data on Vodafone Ghana

    In case you are out of data in the middle of something; Vodafone Ghana has made it possible for you to keep on surfing the net with an option of borrowing you data until your next recharge.
    Hence, to borrow data data bundle from Vodafone, endeavor to follow the below guide:

    Step #1: Dial *700#

    Kindly press *700# on your Vodafone Ghana SIM card then press send and wait for the pop instructions.

    Step #2: Select your preferred bundle

    Once you press send, you’ll see a pop up instruction in your phone asking you to select any data bundle of your choice from the displayed menu option.

    Step #3: Press 1 to confirm

    Once you’ve selected your preferred data bundle, gently press 1 to confirm the transaction.

    Note: Before you qualify for the Vodafone Ghana borrow me credit or data bundle campaign, you must be a registered Vodafone Ghana user for a period of 15 days.

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