5 Best Business Directories in Ghana to boost your business reach

    Best Business Directories In Ghana

    In Ghana, as a business owner, you can promote your business for free. in this article, we have exemplified 5 of the best online business directories to list your business in ghana. 

    For entrepreneurs and business owners, it is imperative that you put up your business on local business listing websites so as to boost your presence in the market, this gives you a cut edge over your competitors by attracting more people to your business, boosting up your reputation and increasing online visibility for your business.

    Putting up your business to a business directory online is the best strategy for you and its importance cannot be overemphasized. It is actually letting your potential customers know about what is going on in your business, i.e. when you have new products, special services when you are running discounts or any special events. This is by adding your business profile, your business address links to your website, your contact, and your email address.

    All of these details will help customers to know what your business is about, how and where to reach out to you. This article is targeted at exposing you to the top 5 business directories in Ghana but just before we proceed to list out the top 5 business directories we need to know what a business directory is.

    What’s a Business Directory?

    A business directory is a public profile that contains a business vital information such as the business name, address, telephone, website, hours of operation, and more.

    There are some directories in Ghana that provides such services, they list out your business information for the general public. Some of these services may be free whereas some you may have to pay for promotion.

    If you want to be found in any way by the general public, you have to list your business in relevant places. You need support from big platforms to stand a chance against big competitors.
    Looking at the fact that most people search online for almost everything, it is important that put up your business in such a way that it can be easily accessed online.

    Benefits of listing your business on online Directories

    1. Putting up your business details can lead you to a worldwide recognition.
    2. It will increase traffic to your websites when you put up links directing visitors to your websites.
    3. It creates easy and direct access with you and potential customers.
    4. Your services and products will be listed on popular search engines.
    5. It will increase your sales and that will generate more revenue for your business.

    List of Best Online Business Directories in Ghana

    Now we progress to listing out the top 5 business directories in Ghana where you can put up information about your business. Please note that there are lots of business directories in Ghana, we only did our study on some of these directories and came out with the top 5 where you can put up your business information and expect a good result and growth in your online presence.

    1. Google My Business Page

    Google my business gives you tools to update your listing, build simple websites, and engage with both existing and new customers from your gadgets. Businesses can also be listed free on Google to put up their information about their business.

    Getting your business on Google gives you an advantage and also increases the chance of appearing on Google Finder, Google Maps, and organic ranking.

    2. Facebook Business Page

    This is a free public profile that you can create your business. You can use the Facebook page to promote your products, brands, and services by simply posting status, links, events, videos, and photos. The Facebook business page also allows customers to review, make comments, and like a particular post you made about your business and services.

    3. Ghana Yello

    Ghana Yello is one of the popular business information and online directory in Ghana. Their website helps business to get new customers, and more traffic to business websites. It also helps businesses to get reviews and grow business reputation online.

    4. Yellow Pages of Africa

    Yellow pages of Africa is another leading business directory in Ghana where you can put up your business information and expect a good response from clients within a short period of time.

    5. Afrikta Business Listing

    Afrikta Ghana Business directory is the perfect listing for Ghanaian business to boost their reputation locally and in other African countries too it also provides a way to easily find small, medium or large organizations operating in Ghana in various sectors.

    Above is the list of the best and top online business directories in Ghana, also note that we these business directories are not listed in any particular order. So you should take advantage of these and increase your social media and online presence with these directories.

    In our previous article, we have also exemplified some great wholesale business opportunities you can tap into in Ghana, you can check it out and tap into the wealth of resources we have put together for you.

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