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    How does Airtel YouTube Plan Works?

    Airtel Youtube Plan is a unique YouTube Plan made available by Airtel in order to give opportunities to subscribers to download or save massive videos from Youtube without incurring much cost on data.

    If you think this is interesting from Airtel, then pay attention as you read more on this page to find out more information about the offer.

    airtel youtube plan

    The Airtel YouTube Plus plan allows you to watch as much as possible videos on the Airtel Youtube plan with no strings attached. You can use the Airtel YouTube plan across several devices like Android and iOS devices, Laptop/PC, etc.

    The Airtel YouTube Plan is available in 3 Plans:

    Airtel YouTube Plans Price
    1.5GB + 3GB Free YouTube ₦1000
    300MB / 7days / Video Plan ₦300
    300MB/7days / Night Video Plan ₦150

    How Does Airtel YouTube Night Plan Works?

    Telecommunication Airtel Nigeria
    Data Offer Airtel YouTube Plus
    Devices Mobile & PC
    Volume 4.5GB
    Price ₦1000
    Subscription Code *323*31#
    Availability Still available in 2021


    Conditions of the Airtel YouTube Plus Plan

    1. It is only available at Night, so only subscribe to this if it is convenient for you to stay awake at night to watch YouTube Videos.

    Airtel is making this offer comes with a standard Plan now, meaning when you buy the Airtel YouTube Plus plan you will get Standard Data of1.5GB and YouTube Data: 3GB. valid for 30 Days. You can use the Standard data to do other things like browse the web and download games.

    However, smart geeks don’t necessarily need to stay awake and watch the videos, you can just download as much as possible YouTube videos on the YouTube Go app and go back to bed so you can come back to watch the videos during the day.

    1. It can not be used to browse or do any other internet related task like surf the internet or download games, it is purely for watching YouTube videos.
    Plan Price Total Data Validity (Days) CODE Standard Data Youtube
    YOUTUBE PLUS 1.0 N1,000 4.5GB 30 *323*31# 1.5GB 3GB
    YOUTUBE PLUS 2.0 N2,000 9.5GB 30 *323*32# 3.5GB 6GB
    YOUTUBE PLUS 2.5 N2,500 15GB 30 *323*33# 5GB 10GB
    YOUTUBE PLUS 3.5 N3,500 17GB 30 *323*34# 7GB 10GB
    YOUTUBE PLUS 4.0 N4,000 19GB 30 *323*35# 9GB 10GB


    YOUTUBE WEEKLY & MONTHLY PACKS : All Day and All Night streaming
    Plan Price Validity (days) Volume USSD  CODE
    YOUTUBE WEEKLY N300 7 300MB Video all Night
    YOUTUBE MONTHLY N400 30 600MB *323*11#


    YOUTUBE NIGHT PACKS  All Night streaming (1AM – 5AM)
    YOUTUBE NIGHT WEEKLY N150 7 300MB *323*22# Video all Night (1AM – 5AM)
    YOUTUBE NIGHT MONTHLY N200 30 600MB *323*21#

    How to Check Airtel YouTube Plus data Balance

    To check how much data is remaining on your Airtel YouTube Plus plan simply dial *140# and you will immediately receive an SMS showing how much of your Airtel YouTube Plus plan is remaining.

    Can the Airtel YouTube Plus plan be shared?

    No, Airtel does not permit sharing data on this plan

    Can the Airtel YouTube Plus plan be rollover?

    No! Airtel does do not allow rollover on this plan, you are expected to finish up the volume in a space of 30 days or else the data will be forfeited once the validity window lapses.

    Airtel YouTube Cheat

    For those of you who have been requesting for the Airtel YouTube Cheat, this is for you. I will show you how to get up to 19GB of Airtel YouTube streaming Data.


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