Latest Airtel Opera Mini Bundle 2021

    Airtel Nigeria

    Opera and Airtel have joined forces to make available cost-effective data bundles for users of the Opera News, and Opera Mini apps in order to boost user engagement and foster easy accessibility for Users.

    On these new data plan you are only limited to browsing with Opera Mini and Opera News this may be a good way to cut down your expenses on a monthly or weekly basis if you used more of Opera apps on your mobile.

    Another interesting feature with most of the opera apps the data-saving features, you can possibly save up to 90% of your data when using the opera mobile apps.

    The Opera software supports almost all mobile operating systems such as prevalent Android, blackberry, iOS, java, mobile windows, etc.
    Airtel’s Operamini plans would help minimize the amount of data users need to spend on searching the net for details, as well as opera mini client requires lesser bandwidth to reach the network and you’ll use less bandwidth on the service relative to other web apps.

    How to Subscribe to Airtel Opera Mini Plan

    • 25 MB for 20 N, valid for 1 day
    • 100 MB for 50 N, valid for 7 days
    • 300 MB for 100 N, valid for 30 days

    To start using your preferred Opera – Airtel data plan, dial any of the activation codes from your phone as shown on the table below.

    Opera Airtel Plans

    Activation Code 


    Opera Daily from 25MB *141*253# 1 Day
    Opera Weekly from 100MB *141*53# 7 Days
    Opera Monthly for 300MB *141*103# 30 Days

    To subscribe to any of the Opera Airtel data plan of your choice, dial any of your phone’s activation codes as shown in the table below. After you have completed your order you should receive an SMS message confirming that your data plan is now working.

    You can as well get more out of your MBs by switching on Opera Mini and Opera News data savings that can help you save up to 90 percent of your usage.

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