Access bank Cardless Withdrawal: Get money from any ATM without ATM card

    Access Bank

    In this guide, I will exemplify how to easily perform a cardless withdrawal with Access bank without your ATM card, Yes! you can withdraw money from any ATM nationwide Nigeria without having your ATM card, it’s not magic, it’s technology and this is how it’s done.

    Cardless and cashless revolution is about to go mainstream. Cardless ATMs will be mainstream, this is also a big change that is going to have a tremendous impact on the banking industry.

    Despite the introduction of cashless technology and infrastructure, people still need to cash. Cash also offers financial protection and personal satisfaction for many that do not choose to use cards will still be – a trend that becomes more popular among Urban dwellers in Nigeria.

    How does Cardless Banking work?

    Access Bank Cardless Banking or Cardless Cash Withdrawal has the benefit of being able to make cash withdrawals from ATMs without having to use any pre-issued debit cards.

    Cardless Banking Solution lets consumers use their Internet Banking login information to register an account with the provided bank app. A second level verification then comes up with PIN verification. Once the transaction is complete, the user account will be confirmed and will be available for use.

    Access bank Cardless banking system we believe to be certified secure and legitimate, you must be a legit banker and have a valid NUBAN account with access before you can start a cardless transaction

    Steps and Code to Perform Access Bank Cardless Withdrawal


    You’re just a few clicks away from performing access bank cardless withdrawal, below is the steps containing the USSD code to withdraw money without ATM card for Access Bank users.

    1. On your mobile, Dial *903# 
    2. Chose the Withdraw Money option from the menu
    3. Choose the ATM Withdrawal on the available menu
    4. Key in the amount you wish to withdrawal
    5. Key in your ATM’s 4-digit PIN.
    6. You will immediately be sent a code to your BVN sim card used in opening an account with your bank
    7. Make way with the PIN o the nearest ATM machine to withdraw your cash
    8. On the ATM, Select cardless withdrawal menu you may need to find the option on the ATM menu list
    9. Pick Access Money
    10. Key in your mobile number
    11. Key in the amount you want to withdrawal same with amount you initiated on your mobile
    12. TIme to key in your reference code sent to your number
    13. Use the continue button to further process transaction

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