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    The competition in Nigeria’s mobile telecommunication is heating up, the telecoms are trying to increase their subscriber base so they can have a fair share of the market. In the last weeks, both Glo and Airtel have been rolling out plenty of offers on data and calls for users.

    For example, the new Glo Amebo gives up to 5x times on every recharge, the Airtel Binge plan revamped in 2019 to allow users to do more at a very cost effective rate and lots more offer for subscribers. It is a very interesting scenario because telecom consumers in Nigeria end up getting much more than ever, cheaper prices, sweeter deals.

    Today, I want to tell you about the new 9mobile bonus that is giving customers 9x bonus on every recharge, if you think you have seen it all with Glo’s 5x bonus on every recharge then you need to see this mouthful offer from 9mobile.
    It will interest you to know that you can use the 9x bonus to call other mobile numbers from other networks like, MTN, GLO, or Airtel.

    9mobile introduced these plans to be a pocket-friendly call tariff plan that shovels more talk time to her subscribers. Which means that businessmen can have more talk time with their business counterparts, friends can talk more with their pals, lovers can talk more, and families can chat more than ever.

    This offer is available to new and old 9mobile subscribers, If you load up to N200, you will get 1800 credit to make calls to all networks, literally, on every recharge you get times 9x of the original amount.

    Quick facts on the new 9mobile 9X Recharge offer

    • Users who recharge N200 and above will only get the 9 times bonus on all recharges
    • Users wh recharge below N200 will get only 4 times bonus on all recharges

    Isn’t that cool and fair?

    This plan explains why 9mobile is fastgrowing telecom in Nigeria, the company has played a great role in giving the best in data speed and quality though at a very pricey rate than other networks making other service providers want to improve on their services so they can retain their current subscriber base and also add new users.

    More than the 9x bonus for recharge of N200 and above, you will also have the chance to get 400% bonus on airtime recharge below N200. Which means users that don’t recharge up to 200 naira airtime are not completely left out, they too have the chance of getting up to 4x times on their recharge.

    How to Get on the 9mobile 900% recharge bonus offer

    The offer is open to fresh and existing subscribers of 9mobile meaning no user on the network is left out,
    For existing users, Dial *611*200# to start enjoying the 900% at no extra cost
    New users, Dial *253*20# , it comes with extra value offer for 1GB of data plus 3 hours of streaming for just N500.


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